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Durand's Vineland Flint Glass Works

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Durand's Vineland Flint Glass Works
(Founded 1897)

Vineland Flint Glassworks Company opened in 1897. Its founders were Victor Durand, Jr. and his father Victor Durand, Sr.; however, its famous art glass division did not open until 1924. Durand, Jr. had dreamed of opening his own art glass studio for many years. He wanted this specialty business to be less focused profit; he created an environment where the glassmakers were free to create with artistic freedom and had license to experiment. In 1924 Quezal, a famous art glass house, closed due to financial problems. Durand quickly contacted the son of the late founder of Quezal, Martin Bach Jr. He wanted to persuade Bach and other Quezal workers to join his business. They accepted and thus, the Vineland Flint Glassworks art glass division started. It was made up completely of the former Quezal craftsmen. In the beginning, they followed many Quezal and Tiffany designs from old catalogues and formulas. They eventually became more confident in their abilities, and began to create a completely different art glass.
Durand, Jr. was pleased with the product, and continued to fund what was termed " the fancy shop" despite the decrease of art glass’ popularity in America. They were one of the last quality art glass producers in the United States. In 1931, due to the unexpected death of Durand, the company was acquired by another owner, and funding was cut for the "fancy shop." They stopped producing art glass that same year.

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